Why is not new technology making us more productive?

What is productivity?

Productivity is the measurement of economic performance. It compares the number of goods and services output with the input. If a company manufactures 20 pairs of shoes per hour and the second manufactures 30 pairs of shoes per hour. Which one’s productivity is high? The other one is higher. So this is what productivity is called. 

Human productivity is also the same. There is a big difference between human minds and artificial intelligence. However, the Technology field is growing field day by day. With time, technology will be more advanced. It is a good aspect for all of us. 

On the other hand, technology ruins our life in some ways. Humans are more relaxed and enjoy comfort. Depending upon technology makes the human-less intelligent. So do you want to know how and why technology makes human-less productive? Then, you are at the right place. Here, you will find all the possible answers to your questions. 

Why And How New Technology Making Humans Less Productive?

Being productive, creative, and intelligent are the God-gifted qualities in humans. Every person has such traits to live a good life. But not everyone can use these qualities ideally. It is just because of the use of new technologies. People use artificial intelligence instead of their mind. So they are losing their abilities. In short, technology will destroy humans. 

Humans depend upon technology for each and everything. There is not even a single place where technology is not used. That’s why human minds are not active as before. People are being lazy. They are not able to think on their own. Moreover, they can’t make decisions. They are dependent now on IT. 

We are becoming more and more shiftless. For example, now people order things online instead of going outside. So the problem is that people cannot achieve their goals. Less activeness gives you nothing. The use of technology like mobile phones are entertaining you. You feel joy but there is no role of the mind. Your mind is still sleepy. 

So in these cases, new technology makes a man less productive. 

Top 5 Reasons Why New Technologies Making Humans Less Productive

People are moving to technology continuously. It is very harmful to the young generation. However, these are the following reasons that technology makes human-less productive;

  1. People are addicted to social media because of entertainment or interactions. 
  2. Any message or notification instantly forces you to check your phone. You waste your time in the morning instead of doing exercise.
  3. Using social media late at night keeps you awake. It affects your peaceful sleep badly. 
  4. Unnecessary thinking gives you anxiety and depression. 
  5. Technological mistakes can create problems for you. You waste your precious time with useless technology inefficiently way. 

Best Tips To Get Rid Of Mental Laziness

Your mind should not be addicted to technology. It is your responsibility to remain your mind active and away from useless activities. Mental laziness makes you less productive. So keep your mind vital and use it in the right direction. Here are the best tips to get rid of mental laziness; 

  1. Keep yourself physically active because there are interactions between mind and body. 
  2. Keep your mind active all the time. Find out the solutions to problems. It will enhance your abilities. 
  3. Keep yourself away from the addiction to entertainment and technology. Consider the entertainment industry as your enemy, not a friend. 
  4. Consider your efforts and hard work as your true friends. 
  5. Don’t replace your logical thinking with machines. Always be flexible and self-developed. 

Final Words

So, this content will be able to give you possible answers to your queries. Anyhow, all the data is here to save our young generation. The young generation is the future leader. That’s why don’t underestimate your powers. Don’t really upon technology. Be active and bright to survive on your own. 

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