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Truck Accident Attorney Dallas  At Kraft and Associates, P.C., our lawful group researches and disputes mishaps including a wide range of business trucks, including heavy transports, 18-wheelers, box trucks, dump trucks, and conveyance vans. We address casualties in truck mishap cases, as well as families who have lost friends and family in mishaps including business trucks.

Let the law workplaces of Kraft and Associates, P.C., exhort you about your freedoms after a mishap brought about by a careless driver. You ought to look for lawful guidance right away – before you talk about the matter with a protection agent and before you sign anything.

We’re a laid out and proficient law office with well disposed legal advisors and staff who are not difficult to converse with. If it’s not too much trouble, reach us today for assist with your truck mishap case.

We handle individual injury and SSD claims on a possibility charge premise, meaning you don’t pay except if we recuperate cash for you.

Dallas Metroplex Truck Accident Statistics

Statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation reveal surprising facts about commercial vehicle accidents in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. In Dallas County and Tarrant County in a single recent year there were:

  • 35 fatal crashes involving trucks and other commercial vehicles.
  • 38 deaths in accidents involving trucks and other commercial vehicles.
  • 707 serious injury crashes involving trucks and other commercial vehicles.
  • 942 serious injuries in accidents involving trucks and other commercial vehicles.

Gathering Evidence After a Commercial Truck Accident

After a mishap including a weighty truck, Commercial Truck Accidentit is essential to find support from a legal advisor who can work with specialists and mishap reconstructionists to figure out what truly occurred. Truck mishaps are regularly extremely complicated. Extraordinary guidelines oversee drivers and the shipping organizations that utilize them. Infringement of these guidelines might show issue for the mishap.

For instance, long stretches of-administration rules limit what amount of time a driver can drive without requiring for a break. This implies that transporters’ logbooks are frequently significant in an examination of a mishap that might have been brought about by driver weariness. Since logs are now and again misrepresented, specialists might take a gander at other proof that shows how long a driver was in the driver’s seat. This could incorporate cost tickets, fuel receipts, and PDA records, for instance.

Numerous semi trucks are outfitted with information recorders like the “secret elements” that are frequently examined in aircraft crashes. Recovering data from these secret elements might give basic knowledge into the reason for a truck mishap. The state of being of the truck may likewise hold pieces of information. Since these sorts of data can rapidly vanish, it is critical to contact a legal counselor quickly after an accident so a totally free examination can begin immediately.

Determining Liability After a Truck Accident

There are a number of potential parties that could be responsible for paying damages after a truck accident. These may include the trucking firm, the truck manufacturer, the maintenance company, the shipper of the cargo or others, based on the facts in the case. Because the stakes are often much higher in a truck accident case, you can be assured that every potentially liable party will have a legal team fighting for them. You need a lawyer who will stand up to them and fight for your rights.

Identifying all parties who hold responsibility for the accident is a critical part of the process of recovering full compensation for all damages. Our firm is highly skilled at investigating truck accident cases, and we have access to highly respected professional resources to call upon to assist us.

Truck Accident Victims FAQ

In an impact with a huge business truck, traveler vehicle tenants are probably going to experience genuine wounds as a result of the distinctions in the weight and size of the two sorts of vehicles. Injury claims for truck mishaps are frequently convoluted, both in view of the degree of wounds, as well as the numerous gatherings who might be responsible for the mishap.

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In the event that you have been harmed or your cherished one was killed in a mishap including a heavy transport or other huge truck, your best game-plan is to talk with an educated Dallas truck wreck legal advisor quickly. Talk with a lawyer before you converse with a protection agent and before you sign anything.

The following are replies to a few usually posed inquiries about truck mishaps. For replies to your particular inquiries, reach us now for a free discussion and guarantee audit.

How many large commercial trucks are on the road?

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that there are 10,659,380 registered large trucks. This compares to 8,454,939 motorcycles, 118,677,080 light trucks and 127,091,286 passenger cars

How frequently do truck accidents occur?

NHTSA reports that 3,964 people were killed and 95,000 were injured in traffic crashes with large trucks in one recent year. According to the Texas Department of Transportation (DOT), there were 4,950 traffic accidents involving commercial motor vehicles in Dallas and Tarrant counties alone in a single recent year.

Why are accidents involving trucks often so much more serious than other types of accidents?

A fully loaded 18-wheeler can weigh 80,000 pounds or more. The weight of a typical passenger vehicle is only 4,000 pounds. When a commercial truck traveling at highway or freeway speeds collides with a much smaller and lighter passenger vehicle, the damage from the impact can be devastating for the passenger vehicle occupants.

Texas collisions involving heavy trucks and lighter vehicles, the occupants of passenger vehicles often suffer serious or catastrophic injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries (TBI) or spinal cord injuries. Many of these injuries cause lifelong disabilities, and some are fatal. NHTSA reports that of the 3,964 people killed in large truck crashes in one recent year, only 691 were truck occupants, while 2,834 were occupants of other vehicles.

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Do large truck accident claims differ from car accident claims?

Fatalities are more common and injuries are often more serious in accidents involving large commercial trucks. The stakes are therefore generally higher in the insurance claims and lawsuits that result from a truck accident. Another difference is that commercial trucking is under strict federal regulation. Additionally, several different parties may be liable for injuries in large truck accidents, while in passenger car accidents, usually, only the driver at fault for the accident is liable.

In what ways do commercial motor vehicle drivers cause accidents?

Commercial truck drivers may not have enough training in driving skills or safety. They are often motivated by compensation systems that reward longer driving hours and faster speeds. They may also be driving under pressure from the company to meet an unrealistic schedule, resulting in driver fatigue.

According to a study published by NHTSA, a number of factors, including the following, contribute to accidents involving large commercial trucks:

  • Traveling too fast for conditions.
  • Cargo shifts.
  • Jackknifing.
  • Driver loss of control.
  • Poor road conditions.
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