The whole process of applying and joining a job


 Applying for a job is a lengthy and hectic process. One has to follow many steps to get his application compiled. He has to do a variety of research for a job. After he is done with the research now, certain ways can be employed to apply for a job like

  • Via email
  • Via the company’s application portal
  • Or by hand

A job application is a formal and common document that must contain the whole information in chronological order. It is the first document in which you are going to represent yourself. So, customize it, honestly.

The whole process of applying and joining a job

Job search

First of all, do a thorough search for a job. Search for a job can be made by virtue of the Internet in the following ways;

  • Company’s social media pages
  • Company’s Offical website

 Or find out the published advertisement in your regional newspaper. Give it a read. In this way, you will find out about the requirements and expertise for that particular position.

Research about company

 If you have made up your mind about the job you have heard about or seen in an advertisement, do complete research about the company, its potential employees, its rankings moreover its hiring or firing process. Go to the about page of the company’s website and read it carefully. Search on the social media pages of the company. Try to contact the people who are a part of the company; they will better guide you about the company. Ask them how’s it working there and what is the business culture over there; word of mouth is often the best choice.

Application/Resume/cover letter


After complete research, the third step is to create a resume, cover letter, or job application. Currently, in the job market cover letter is not much demanded; rather, companies prefer a brief resume. Your resume should sum up your information and expertise for that position. Now read the advertisement twice and find out the keywords which the company has already used to specify the job-relevant skills. 

Refer to your LinkedIn

In this modern era of technology, the world has become a global village. As all the industries are trying to revolutionize their way of working and dealing with clients, so did the job market. Now, companies that are hiring employees, they rather than seeing their resumes, scrutinize the LinkedIn account of the candidate. Companies do wide research about a person; even through his social media accounts, they get to know if the candidate is gonna be a potential candidate or not. Therefore, it’s the need of the hour to attach the link to your Linked In profile.

Grab the attention of the recruiter

You may follow certain tricks to hook the attention of the recruiter 

  1. Use those skill sets in your resume which has been highlighted for the required position
  2. Try to mold those skills according to your expertise
  3. Use the job description and optimize your resume
  4. Mention your most recent skills and training
  5. If you are lacking in any of the skills, just mention that you are working on them.

Hiring process

 Once you have applied for the job, now is the time to have patience. The company will follow certain criteria to examine your application. This could often be dealt with the help of ATS (applicant tracking software). As soon as the recruitment process stops, you will receive an email or a call for an interview. This would happen if you fulfilled the criterion for the job.



When the scrutiny of documents ends, if recruiters find the candidate right for the applied position, then they call a candidate for an interview. It could be conducted in many ways following the protocols like

  • Face-to-face interview
  • Interview via video conferencing
  • Interview over call

Follow up

Wait for at least a week before you follow up on your application. As hiring managers may news time to scrutinize your application in a better way. After one week, you may write a follow-up email to the hiring manager. Be in contact with the hiring manager for further updates.


In this article, we have discussed certain popular ways to search for a job, to make a resume or application for a particular position. We have jotted down some tricks to hook the attention of recruiters to get you a dream job. In addition to this, we discussed the hiring process, review of job applications, and follow-up details.

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