Scope For Commerce Jobs For Graduates In India

The Commerce field is one of the best among all sectors. Every society, business, educational department, and other institution needs such a field. It also offers a lot of opportunities for jobs.

Moreover, it is a high-paying skill. People prefer the skill which gives a lot of benefits as well. You should select the subjects according to your interest. It will be good for your career. The Commerce field is the most common education in India.

Are you interested in Commerce jobs after graduation? Do you know what’s the scope of Commerce in India? Then, stay here and get Facilitated. This article will guide you that, how much Commerce is beneficial for getting jobs.

So let’s start.

Commerce Jobs For Graduates 

If you have done graduation with Commerce, it will give you a bright career. It has a high scope in India. These are a few top jobs that you may get and earn.

  1. Charted Accountant (CA)

Charted Accountant is someone who solves the matters of taxation and accounting of a business. A student must complete the CA course. It is one of the best Commerce jobs. The tasks of Charted Accountants are Reporting, tax returns, financial accounting, documents, and evaluating financial reports.

Salary: The average salary is 6-7 lakh INR per year.

  1. Digital Marketing Manager 

The Internet is an explorer of all the world. Everything becomes easy with the use of the internet. The market manager is one of the high-paying jobs among all the commerce jobs in India.

Their responsibility is to organize, plan and promote the business. They market the products through advertisement and public relations. It’s essential to have good communication skills.

Salary: The average salary is 6-7 lakh INR per anum.

  1. Certified Public Accountant

A certified Public Accountant’s responsibility is to handle Accounting, reporting, taxes, clients, and the government. They also suggest the value of able decisions. They must have knowledge and experience in Finance and management.

They must have leadership skills. It’s essential to have in-depth experience in accounting.

Salary: The average salary is 7-9 lakh INR per anum.

  1. Cost Accountant

The Cost Accountant examines the expenses. He is responsible for the budget, cost, and management of the company. The professional work is to do less the financial waste of the company.

It is one of the most suggested jobs for Commerce students to earn a good amount. The Cost Accountant also prepares the financial report of agencies, authorities, and tax authorities. He must have excellent skills in computers and technology.

Salary: The average salary is 4 lakh INR per anum.

  1. Research Analyst

Research Analyst is also a high-paying job for commerce students. It has a bright career in India as well. The responsibility of the A research analyst is to analyze the information about the market, sales, and demand.

He also manages the buying and selling of the products in the right direction to boost earnings. So he must be analytical. He should also have excellent communication and management skills.

Salary: The average salary is 3-5 lakh INR per anum.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this content will be informative for you. Education is part of our lives. No one can survive without knowledge and earning. Skills are also significant as it has a vast scope.

B.Com or graduation will give you the best career if you have done by a recognized university. You must be dedicated to getting your aim. Your passion and high qualification matter a lot for your bright future.

So let’s passionate to get, what you dreamed off.

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